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Merry Christmas! I can’t believe it is time for Christmas already. Everyone is hustling and bustling around trying to get their holiday Christmas lists checked off, attending holiday parties, baking cookies, and finishing up their work year.  The season can be very chaotic.  In the midst of the chaos, I decided to leave my sales job of three years and pursue my dream of owning my own nutrition consulting company.  December is not the best time to start a business though especially a nutrition consulting business.  Who wants to experience the guilt of being held accountable to your overindulgences during the holiday season when all can do is daydream about Grandma’s coconut cake, Aunt Sally’s chocolate fudge crops or Starbuck’s peppermint mocha.  You plan to wait until the New Year when you will commit to losing those unwanted twenty pounds, decrease time spent on facebook to begin exercising, and finally get “healthy.” My hope is that when January rolls around you will think of me and let me help coach you towards achieving your health goals.  In the meantime, here are a few tips to get you through the holidays.  Merry Christmas!

1.      Aim to maintain not gain this holiday season.

2.      Enjoy foods you only consume this time of year and forgo more frequently consumed foods like rice, mashed potatoes, or rolls.

3.      Socialize away from the buffet or appetizer trays to prevent overeating.

4.      Don’t starve yourself prior to a party or you will definitely overeat.

5.      Load up on fresh fruits and veggies.

6.      Do allow partake in a few sweet treats….just be sure to savor every morsel.

7.      Add exercise anytime you can….park further away at the grocery store or mall, take family on a walk on Christmas day etc….

8.      Remember-Beverages have calories too!

9.      When preparing foods look for ways to decrease calories or fat such as replacing one egg with two egg whites, using low sodium low fat chicken broth in mashed potatoes instead of gravy, use low fat plain yogurt in dips.

10.  Enjoy….it is Christmas only once a year!

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